The Charter for Genuine Communication

Friends, what have we become?

I’ve just been offered unlimited press release distribution for an annual fee of $299. I can blast out my news mindlessly and frantically to zillions of disinterested people. Where do I sign?!!

Elsewhere on planet communication we’re seduced by the massive reach blasting out emails to millions of squillions of people at the click of a mouse. And if 0.0000002% read it, let alone reply it’s been ‘worth it’. Not forgetting ‘Dear colleague’ emails. And my personal favourite, the ‘We’re doing a survey about security in your area’ phone call.

We’re better than this aren’t we?

That’s why I’m launching a Charter for Common Sense Communication. It’s time to get personal. Look people in the eyes and find out what’s important to them. And, if it adds value to the conversation, let them know what’s important to you too. Be open and sincere. Share passions. Be honest about what motivates you and your business. Be a real person not a corporate automaton blasting out schpiel and spin.

So here it is, and it couldn’t be simpler:

The Charter for Genuine Communication

  1. Actively listen. Communicate genuinely to discover what is important to a customer (could be a journalist in my case). Some call it a two-way conversation.
  2. Contribute to the conversation with information that adds value according to what is important to the person you are talking to.

I’m committing to it. Will you join me? Have I missed anything out?

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