The World’s First ‘PR Land’ Theme Park to Open?

Stumbelled across reading the first UK edition of Wired magazine (worth a read). And it has inspired me. I love the idea of turning jobs into leisure parks.

So stand by your beds, because I’ve hatched a new plan to open the world’s first ‘PR Land’ theme park – but I could use some feedback on a few of the ‘rides’ that may feature.

This so far:

  1. ‘Press Release-a-tron’ Buckle Up. Can you devise an angle, quote, message and eye-catching headline – then write distribute and follow up before the deadly deadline? Watch out for the evil client-approval process!

  2. ‘The Schmooze House’ Dare you enter The Schmooze House? Can you track down journalists before your fellow visitors? Will you beguile them with your witty banter and irresistible news pitch? But beware! Don’t ‘schmooze’ them when they’re on deadline. They bite back! Grrrr!

  3. ‘Blue Sky Brainstorm World’ How wacky can you be? Park a taxi on the top of the Eiffel tower? Suspend a client MD upside down in his boxers from a football stadium floodlight? Welcome to Blue Sky Brainstorm World. A fantasy world where there’s no such thing as a bad idea!

  4. ‘The Big News Coverage Dipper’. Watch as your .. OK, bored now.

So – is it a winner?

I’ll get my coat.

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