The Ten Best Ways To Get Noticed By Media « Sarah Gilbert Fox

When I look at how P.R. companies come to me with product information during these hard economic times, I’m often left scratching my head, because what I’m being sent is information that’s not helping me to help them.  And then it occurs to me that they, too, must be scratching their heads, because everything is changing so fast these days that any industry standard that held steady in the past is just gone, gone, gone —- we are, all of us, scratching our heads.

How different is it now? Smaller newspapers all over the nation are closing down. The Washington Post has announced it will stop using freelancers.  Newsweek has reported it’s worth is 70% less than what it used to be.  Even the New York Times is struggling to keep its head above water.  All print publications have been forced to cut back on their page count, because the public is buying less, the advertisers have stopped purchasing, and the money just isn’t there.

What’s a P.R. company to do?

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